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ABOUT US   (automatic translation)

The brand © 2015 Cartel Original was founded as a means of artistic expression and creation in the form of transmission and show of specific symbologic kinds of tattoos and their meanings in the garment sector and public presentation of reality.
Clothing ©Cartel Original is designed narrower group of people, mainly groups of people with a very positive attitude towards the general culture of tattoos and visually inspired and focused on sub-culture and characters more or less specific legal and illegal groups in history, but even today, mafia, street gangs , especially professing loyalty and fidelity, in part based on the prison culture. Artistic creation is inspired from a strong respect for the Hispanic tradition, integrity and loyalty. It is a bit of a dark vision and rough imagine real life aspects described above. ©Cartel Original is "antisocial" ideology and that's just by for us to be - so we like it. It is a brand of clothing for people who like to deviate from advice to his own way of life. Motives are often brand poem, religion, fragments of real tattoos, symbols, weapons and hand redrawn fragments of photographs of real people in an environment where loyalty and brotherhood is the highest, often the only rule, necessary for life.
Top quality and care that we devote our clothing reflects our values ​​as a company and the brand itself. As well as the excellent quality of services that we deliver to them, because we believe that this is what you deserve. Textile processing ©Cartel Original is characterized by uncompromising quality with an emphasis on use exclusively and only 100% organic cotton - not only means the cultivation and harvesting, but also through the production processing and bleaching as well as with suppliers who are members of the "Fair Wear Foundation" and contribute to the sustainable development of the textile industry and the preservation of fair conditions for all persons in the chain of apparel production. When high-suppress only use non-toxic paints to water-based and the entire production process of weaving, through dyeing, sewing, paint application to packaging, and production of labels and label meets all known requirements that we are together with you to protect the planet at the as possible.


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★2015© Cartel Original★ is brand of EVELYNS trade s.r.o
  Národná 34
  01001   Žilina Slovakia (EU)
  +421 905 208 503
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